Wrapping: what is it and do you want it?

Wrapping: what is it and do you want it?

Wrapping – the best way to renovate without spending a fortune (in our opinion). Not only does wrapping enhance the look and feel of a room (normally your kitchen or bathroom) but it also serves as protection from heat, moisture, dirt, and other environmental factors – particularly when you have a high volume of guests.

Let us talk you through it.

The benefits of wrapping

There are 3 key benefits of wrapping: 1) look and feel; 2) wear-and-tear; and 3) hygiene.

Look and feel: there are so many options with wrapping, any colour and any style. Transform the aesthetic entirely or simply refresh the room. From country-style kitchen to sleek bathrooms, you can be sure there is something to suit your taste. Extra benefit: it doesn’t have to be permanent. Refresh the style every few years to stay up-to-date with trends.

Wear-and-tear: this is important for short-let properties with high traffic. Wrapping will protect your countertops, cupboards and other fittings. Vulnerable surfaces can be protected from scratches and damage caused over time and which would otherwise occur due to everyday activities like cooking or cleaning.

Hygiene: materials used in wrapping are easily cleaned and wiped down and can create a more hygienic space for food preparation, for example. It acts as an effective barrier against allergens such as pollen, dirt and dust – ideal for guests that can be sensitive to irritation.

And how could we forget… cost!!! Putting a new kitchen or bathroom in, even from IKEA, will be expensive. Wrapping is a great alternative, even from a purely savings point of view.

Types of wrapping

When you are in discussions, it’s good to know what you are asking for:

Vinyl wraps are made out of durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material which is water-resistant and very easy to clean but they aren’t always the best choice since they can become brittle over time. However, if you think you will update every few years, it’s a great choice. You can get the most out of it by regularly cleaning with mild detergent so it lasts longer.

Paper wraps are usually made from wood fiber paper which means they’re more durable than vinyl wraps (great for stairs or other high traffic areas for example). Additionally, paper wrap is available in various colors so you can customize the look depending on what hue best fits your existing décor scheme.

Know who to ask

Our interiors consultants can talk you through the different options available. We can guide you through the best colours and materials to suit your home. Contact Leanne for more information.

A happy client

“I moved in to a lovely villa – amazing for me, my husband and our child (and three cats & dog). The space was big, but it didn’t look how I wanted, it was outdated. I had heard of AirDXB but didn’t realise how many services they actually offer, including wrapping. I spoke to Leanne about my wish list and upgraded not only my kitchen, but my bathrooms, window frames, and even the full stairway. The most impressive part was the backsplash in the kitchen – it looks like real tiles! I loved how they could think outside the box and how they guided me along the entire process, from choosing materials to deciding what was ‘must have’ and what wasn’t. A truly impressive service and really affordable too. The best part for me is that it is easily removed; we rent our villa so this was a main consideration – I didn’t want to do anything which couldn’t be reversed later.” (Allison Lear).

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