AirDXB listed as one of 5 best Airbnb management companies in Dubai

AirDXB listed as one of 5 best Airbnb management companies in Dubai

First published in TravelMag, 13 February 2023 

If you run an Airbnb in Dubai, and want to reduce your workload while maximising your income, there are a number of management companies standing ready to help.

Despite the emergence of a number of competitors in recent years, Airbnb continues to dominate the home-sharing market. For Airbnb property owners, the challenges of managing the process of letting out their homes to strangers can be extremely time-consuming. If you’re thinking of becoming an Airbnb host in Dubai, or have already taken the plunge, TravelMag picked out five of the best management companies currently operating in the United Arab Emirates.

AirDXB was delighted to be one of those listed.

“AirDXB is one of the top short-let property management companies in Dubai providing an end-to-end service, from property listing through to guest check-in, maintenance, concierge and housekeeping. Founded by Gregory Lewis, a British real estate expert with 20 years’ experience, AirDXB has expanded rapidly due to the strength of their client service, guest relations and 5* reviews. Their homeowners enjoy a 95% occupancy rate, greatly higher than the 43% market average, which is one of the reasons why they have AirBnB ‘Superhost’ status. They also offer bespoke interior design consultations, wrapping services, flooring services, maintenance contracts, fit-outs and renovations.”

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